San Antonio 2015

Simultaneous Interpretation

The General Conference will be providing simultaneous interpretation in the 10 languages listed below, for all of the devotionals, business meetings and evening meetings in the AlamoDome and in four languages during the Women’s Meetings.  An FM radio receiver will be needed to receive the interpretation; you may bring your own or purchase one in the AlamoDome or at the AWR exhibit, C-1001.  The frequencies for the various languages will be available on Tuesday, June 30.

  • English (for hearing impaired): 89.5 MHz
  • French: 90.5 MHz
  • German: 90.9 MHz
  • Japanese: 92.1 MHz
  • Korean: 94.7 MHz
  • Mandarin (Chinese): 88.7 MHz
  • Portuguese: 96.5 MHz
  • Romanian: 96.9 MHz
  • Russian: 97.9 MHz
  • Spanish: 98.9 MHz
  • Indonesian: 99.9 Mhz